Youth Advisory Council

All interested participants should be English-speaking or Bi-lingual.

What is the purpose of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC)?

To ensure that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and Know What U Want: U Choose Campaign has a youth voice.

What are the goals?
  • Provide youth focused guidance and feedback to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative
  • Engage youth in leadership and skill building activities
  • Empower youth to be peer health advocates
  • Mobilize the youth to raise awareness of the Know What U Want U Choose campaign in neighborhoods with the highest rates of teen pregnancy
What does the YAC do?
  • Meet bi-monthly
  • Learn different health topics affecting teens
  • Provide feedback on campaign messages
  • Plan and conduct outreach activities for youth in the city
  • Develop creative and artistic projects for education of youth and outreach
Interested in being a Youth Advisor?

Please click here to download the application and email or mail to:

Baltimore City Health Department
1001 E. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

YAC Participants should meet the following criteria:
  1. Aged between 14-20
  2. Live in Baltimore City
  3. Commit to regular participation
  4. Complete a brief application assessing interest
  5. Have appropriate parental consent, if under 18
  6. Interest in helping other youth be empowered about their future

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